Technical information

Classification of shaft seals

Radial oil-seal with a pressing spring, working at pressure falls 0,05-0,15 MPa is the most widespread type of sealings of shafts thereof to relative simplicity and low cost, small sizes, sufficient sealing ability and an opportunity of maintenance in contact with many mediums. These oil-seal's properties are defined by a successful embodiment in a small-sized design of advantages of elastomeric sealing and spring which has stable in all a temperature range parameters and is not subject to a strain ageing.

The basic designs of oil-seals we offer are

Rubber covered case

Open metal case

Type without dust lip: Type without dust lip:
oil-seal-din3760-type-A-RED  oil-seal-din3760-type-B-RED
Type with a dust-lip Type with a dust-lip
oil-seal-din3760-type-AS-RED   oil-seal-din3760-type-BS-RED

The following additional designations are used:

 KL - calibrated case
RD - clockwise rotation
RS - counter clockwise
 SF - special design
 X7 - flutes on outer diameter

Application of Oil seals

  • Used in hydraulic rams and mixers, valves, brake devices, clean rooms, conveyers and test equipment
  • Used in constantly moving equipment like cylinders, rotating or reciprocating shafts and cylinders
  • Bearing isolators are used for pumps, motors and gear boxes
  • Used in vehicles, automotives, power generation, industrial engines and transmissions
  • Water pumps
  • Crankshaft front
  • Camshaft
  • Valve stem
  • Steering
  • Crankshaft rear
  • Gear box front
  • Transmission front
  • Selector shaft
  • Speedometer
  • Gear box rear / transmission rear
  • Propeller shaft
  • Pinion / differential
  • Rear hub inner/ rear wheel inner / rear axle inner
  • Rear hub outer / rear wheel outer

Standards and other documents relating to radial shaft seals

Document Title
ISO 6194/1-1982 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Nominal dimensions and tolerances
ISO 6194/2-1991 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Vocabulary
ISO 6194/3-1988 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Storage, handling and installation
ISO 6194/4-1988 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Performance test procedures
ISO 6194/5-1990 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Identification of visual imperfections
SAE J946-1989 Application Guide to Radial Lip Seals
RMA OS-4, 1984 Application Guide for Radial Lip Type Shaft Seals
RMA OS-7, 1982 Storage and Handling Guide for Radial Lip Type Shaft Seals
RMA OS-8, 1977 Visual Variations Guide for Rotating Shaft Seals
DIN 3760 Radial-Wellendichtringe (Radial shaft seals)
DIN 3761 Radial-Wellendichtringe fur Kraftfahrzeuge (Radial shaft seals for motor vehicles), Parts 1 to 15. This standard covers all aspects including vocabulary, material requirements and test methods.

Permissible speeds for spring-loaded seal lips where no pressure differential exists across seal in operation