Branded composition NBR-440

Branded composition NBR-440 blue colour

blue NBR 440 oil sealKremenchugrezinotekhnika presents to customers a new rubber compound NBR-440 - of blue color, which has the following advantages over the standard “black” NBR rubber compound:

the possibility of operation at temperatures up to +100 degrees in hypoid gear oils, while regular NBR compound works in these oils only up to +80 degrees;

has generally increased heat resistance - about 10 degrees;

possesses excellent CS (compression set), which helps to better track the runout of the shaft;

has a relatively small difference in price compared to standard material: + 20%.

The above advantages make this material an universal choice for those areas where customer’s budget is limited, but using acrylate rubber and fluororubber is expensive. Or for those areas where customer wants to receive product with improved characteristics, especially without overpaying. Our company offers to use this material in the axles and hubs of trucks, in gearboxes of cars, where linear speeds are low. It’s not a secret that the material was developed to create an alternative to the classical blue oil-seals of the German company SIMRIT - with the aim of transferring demanding Ukrainian customers from a very high price “in Euros” to the price “in ukrainian UAH” with the same final result. What is especially true with today's currency rate. You can use material NBR-440 for any product currently manufactured by the company from regular black NBR, with a minimum quantity of 100 pieces per lot. Such products will be accompanied by a declaration of conformity with the designation of the material, as well as visually differ in blue color. On the website of the enterprise special category was issued, which includes products made of NBR-440 material, produced in series and are on stock in our warehouse.

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