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Simple list of manufactured shaft seal sizes and variations of design

13x26x7 BASL NBR
16x30x7 BASL NBR
18x27,6x4,7 BA NBR
18,5x21,7x6,25 BAX7 NBR
19x37x10 B1DKL NBR
20x32x7 BASL NBR
20x42x10 BA NBR
22x34,9x6 BAX7 NBR
23x35x6,5 BA NBR
23x35x8 BASLRDX7 NBR
24x40x7 BA NBR
24x42x7 BARDX7 NBR
25x42x10 BASL NBR
25x45x8 B1DKL NBR
26x38x7 BASL NBR
26x42x8 BASLRDX7 FPM
28x43x10 B1DKL, NBR
28x47x8 B1DKLRD NBR, ACM
29,8x50x9,5 BA NBR
30x42x8 BASLRDX7 NBR
30x45x8 B1DKL NBR
30x45x8 B1DKLRD NBR, ACM
30x47x10 BA NBR, FKM
31x50x80 BASLRDX7 FPM
33,1x63x9,5 BAX7 NBR
33,4x49,25x9,5 BASLX7 NBR
33,4x49,25x9,5 BAX7 NBR
35x57x9 B1KLRD NBR
35x57x9 B1KLRS NBR
35x57x9 BASL NBR
35x58x10 BASL NBR
36x68x12 B1KLSLRS NBR, ACM
36x68x12 B1KLSLRD NBR, ACM
38x52x7 BA NBR, FKM
38x56x10 BAX7 NBR
40x52/62x8.5 NBR
40x56x7 B1DKLRD, NBA, ACM, FKM
40x56x7,5 BASLRSX7 ACM, FKM
40x57,15x10 B1DKL NBR
40x60x10 BASL NBR
40x60x10 BASLRDX7 ACM, FKM
40x60x10 BASLRSX7 ACM, FKM
41x56x9 BASL NBR
41,2x55,7x9 BAX7 NBR
41,2x58x9 BASL NBR
41,2x65x8 BAX7 NBR
42x56x7 BASLRDX7 FKM
42x62x10 BASLRDX7 NBR
42x68x15,5 BASL NBR
42x75x9 BAX7 NBR
42x75x10 BASL NBR
42x75x15,5 BASLX7 NBR
45x65x10 BA NBR, FPM
45x65x10 BASL NBR, FKM
50x70x10 BASLRSX7 FKM
50x70x10 BASLX7 FKM
50x80x10 BASL NBR, FPM
52x72x10 BAX7, NBR
54x80x10 BA SL, NBR, FPM
55x80x10 BASL, NBR, FPM
56x73,15x10 B1DKL NBR
60x85x10 BASL NBR, FKM
64x95x10 BASLRDX7 FPM
65x90x10 BARDX7 NBR, FPM
65x90x10 BASLRDX7 FKM
70x90x10 B1DKLRS, FKM
70x92x10 BASL NBR, FPM
70x95x10 BAX7 NBR, FKM
70x95x10 BASLX7, NBR, FKM
75x100x10 BAX7, NBR, FKM
75x102x10 BASL, NBR, FKM
79,7x105x10 BASLRSX7 NBR
80x98x10 BASLRSX7 FPM
80x100x10 B1KLSLRS FPM
80x105x10 BAX7 NBR, FKM
85x110x12 BAX7 FPM
85x110x12 BASLX7 FPM
100x125x12 BASLRSX7 FPM
110x135x12 BASLRSX7 FPM
114x145x12 BA NBR
115x140x10 NBR
115x140x10/16,7 (two springs)
115x145x12 BASL NBR -60 Deg C.
120x150x14 BASLX7 NBR, FKM
130x160x14 BA NBR
130x162x15 BA NBR
140x170x13 BASLRSX7 FPM
142x168x16 B1SL NBR
180x208x15 BA NBR
180x208x15 BASL NBR
180x210x15 BASLX7 (BAUMSLX7) FPM
187x220x12 BA NBR

You can order any size

When quantity more then 500 pcs for FPM/FKM, HNBR or more then 3000-5000 pcs for NBR, ACM, MVQ, EPDM you can order any size. We have own Tool making shop and able to produce required tooling during 1 month


Rotary shaft seal in standard design referring to DIN 3760 with a Elastomer encased metal insert and a spring-energised sealing lip. In addition, the standard model is available with a protective lip (AS) on the air side.

Product group: Rotary shaft seal
Design: A = outer surface rubber-coated and with grooves
Seal material: FKM 75
Colour: red
Stiffening ring: non-alloy steel according to DIN EN 10139
Tension spring: unalloyed spring steel according to DIN EN 10270-1

Areas of application
Sealing of rotating machine elements such as shafts, hubs and axles.

The A FKM is a single acting rotary shaft seal for rotating or pivoting shafts with optional protective lip sealing action (AS) on the side facing away from the medium against dirt accumulation from the outside. The elastomer outer sheath provides good static sealing, good thermal expansion balance, e.g. in light-metal housings, better sealing with greater roughness and secure sealing for split housings as well as good static sealing with thin liquid or gaseous media. FPM is superior to the NBR materials for high temperature applications, high peripheral speeds and chemically aggressive media. The combination of FKM and the optional tension spring made of rust and acid resistant steel permits application in various aggressive media.

Mineral oils and greases, synthetic oils and greases, engine, gear and ATF oils, fuels, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, broad chemicals and solvents resistance.

Operational application limits
Pressure (MPa/bar): ≤ 0.05/0.5
Temperature (°C): -30 to +200
Peripheral speed (m/s): ≤ 35


Suitable tools should be used for ­installation. It is recommended that the installation housing is designed to provide the rotary shaft seal with axial support.

The nominal widths mentioned on the following pages represent the standard dimensions. They are generally in stock or can be delivered at short notice. 

Other dimensions and different designs, e.g. double dust protection lip, spiral on the sealing lip, springs or metal inserts made of other steel grades can be produced as well as all kinds of special designs. Minimum quantities may be obligatory for dimensions outside of the standard.

The list of produced oil-seals from fluorine rubber, both standardized and manufactured according to the original drawings, can be seen by opening the corresponding catalog page

A complete list of shaft seals made according to DIN 3760 can be found on this page.



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We specialize in production of oil-seals (rotary shaft seals with garter spring) and other rubber-metal bounded products. Also we make: rubber parts for brake systems, radial shaft seals, silent-blocks, protective rubber boots, different rubber plugs, caps and grommets for cablesystems, water and gear pump seals, rubber glands and gaskets, shock-absorber seals, vibration isolator or mounts, o-rings and other packing elements.

Mainly we produce:



Nitrile (NBR) Rotary Shaft Seals (or Oil-seals)

acc. to DIN 3760, DIN 3761, GOST 8752-79, ISO 6194, JIS B2402, SAE J110b, J111b, J946c, SMS 2290, 2291

  • with one or two garter springs
  • working edge can be mechanically trimmed or formed in mold
  • compounds of sulfur or peroxide cure
  • options for -45°C and -60°C low temperature resistance


Polyacrylic (ACM) Rotary Shaft Seals (Oil-seals)

  • with garter spring
  • trimmed working edge with hydrodynamic helixes (right or left shaft rotation)
  • color: black

2101-1005160 FPM2-box

Fluoroelastomer (FPM/FKM/VITON) Rotary Shaft Seals (Oil-seals)

  • acc. to DIN 3760, DIN 3761, GOST 8752-79, ISO 6194, JIS B2402, SAE J110b, J111b, J946c, J1002, SMS 2290, 2291
  • with one or two garter springs, stainless as option
  • several types of fluoroelastomers for different medias: type A, B, F, GLT, Aflas, Kel-F/SKF-32 (fluoroelastomer #1) etc.
  • diamine, bisphenol or peroxide cured
  • special anti-friction additions as option
  • standard colors: red (Viton), black (for #1, Aflas etc), possible colors: green, brown



NBR, HNBR, EPDM, MVQ (Silicone), FMVQ (Fluoro-silicone) Rubber-Metal Rotary Shaft Seals (Oil-Seals)

  • automotive, agriculture, industrial, power train, aftermarket shaft seals;
  • washing machines shaft seals (with two dust lips and stainless steel spring) - using special "german" mold design technology
  • shaft seals for dirt and dust environment (with two working edges and two springs, complex lips) - using special "german" mold design technology;
  • low temperature (-60°C) oil-seals;
  • peroxide or sulfur cure systems;
  • special or custom design seals, by customer's drawing
  • working at customer's brand/logo possible
  • "zero flash" manufacturing possible using nitrogen deflashing & blasting or polishing & trimming


Larger Diameter Oil-Seals (Trucks, Buses, Agriculture etc.)

  • acc. to DIN 3760, GOST 8752-79, ISO 6194, customer's drawing
  • with garter spring
  • current possibility - max 300 mm O.D.


2101-1005034 FPM

B1 type shaft seal (open metal case)Oil-seal

Open Metal Case Rotary Shaft Seals (Oil-Seals) and Bearing Seals

  • non-fully rubbered metal case
  • calibrated metal case
  • with garter spring
  • hardmetal stamping
  • automatic post chamfering
  • automatic glue (adhesive) applying
  • automatic working edge trimming
  • phosphate treated metal case or blasted metal case
  • special film coating - to protect the surphase from corrosion during storage
  • bearing seals can be produced with Zinc coated metal case using materials: NBR, EPDM, ACM, FPM, MVQ, text can be marked directly on metal case


Shock-absorber seals and Different Rubber-Metal products

  • with one or two garter springs
  • seal withstand to 2 millions cycles of lengthwise movements during testing


Polychloroprene (CR) Rubber & Rubber-Metal Bellows

zinc treated outer metal case


Rubber CV Boots and Half-Axle Boots


FPM valve stem seal 8 mmACM valve stem seal

Valve Stem Seals

  • materials: FPM/FKM/Viton or ACM
  • colors: FPM - red, green, ACM - black
  • 4 automatic stamping lines "RASTER" installed to produce metal case in high speed - from 200 to 1200 pcs per minute


brake kit sets

EPDM Rubber Seals for Hydraulic Brake Cylinders (Brake parts)

  • DOT-3/DOT-4 working media
  • made using transfer molding technique
  • V-ring seals are trimmed on precision machines.
  • ring-type brake seals with all working surfaces are polishing on special automatic machines (4 pcs).
  • Europe and USA elastomers origin only, peroxide cured, low compression set (21%), best compound properties



IR/SBR Vibroinsulators, Spark-Plug Caps,
Car Suspension Parts, other Molded Rubber & Rubber-Metal Products

TF69Y0-22008666 Lanos

Silent-blocks (Rubber-Metal)

Best rubber to metal bond


Rubber-Metal Face Seals, Mechanical Seals and other Rubber-Metal Items



O-rings made from various materials

  • FKM/FPM (Viton A, B, F, Kel-F, Aflas etc. by request - red, black)
  • FMVQ (transparent, blue)
  • MVQ
  • FMVQ
  • NBR
  • EPDM
  • CR
  • No flash - nitrogen defashing & blasting is used

NBR rotary shaft seal without spring

Different type cardan shaft (driveshaft) seals

Can be manufactured in very big quantities (about hundred thousand in a week on 1 molding machine - supported by automatic high-speed metal stamping 200-1200 pcs/min).

NBR oil-seal1210bl




Engine Seals
Transmission Seals
Monotube Shock Seals
Twintube Shock and Strut Seals
Power Steering Seals
Bearing Seals
Light Axle Seals and Heavy Axle Seals
Industrial Oil Seals
Mechanical Face Seals
Track Roller Seals
High Pressure Seals
Aerospace Seals
Valve Stem Seals
Wheel end seals


Static Engine Seals
Static Transmission Seals
Boots/ Bellows
Plug & Seal Connectors
Joint Seals
Gas Seals


Torsional Vibration Dampers
Engine Mount Systems
Center Bearing Support
Linear Mass Dampers
Jounce Bumpers
Body & Chassis Mounts
Spring Seat Isolators




Oil pan gaskets
Rocker cover gaskets
Cylinder head gaskets
Cover gaskets
Rubber covered metal gaskets
Molded gaskets
Elastomeric gaskets


Piston seals, Bounded piston seals
Rod seals, Buffer Seals, and Wipers
Precision Wear rings
Back-up Rings
Ball Valve Seats
Automotive seals for suspension (including Banded Pistons), transmission, steering, air conditioning, and brake systems
Wide variety of standard and custom Industrial applications: cylinders, valves, low friction bushings, and others
Heavy Duty Hydraulics


Caliper Piston Seals
Caliper Piston Boots
Brake Booster Diaphragms
Brake Caliper Components
Brake Drum Components
Brake Booster Components
Brake Master Cylinder Components
ABS System Components

Pneumatic Seals

Rod packing
Piston seals
Rubber-metal pistons


3741-1701210 374

Some examples of shaft-seals produced in Ukraine by our company:


ISO 9001:2015 certified (UkrSEPRO certificate no. UA 8.0072.13956473.1-2017, confirmed 27/12/2017, valid till 26/12/2020).